Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay for a quote for having a stairlift fitted?

No, here at Direct Stairlifts you do not need to pay for a quotation. We provide a free friendly survey of your home, which will let you know the type of stairlift you will need for your individual staircase.

How much does a stairlift cost?

Stairlifts vary in price depending on your individual staircase in your home. We provide a free quotation service to survey your staircase, we can then let you know if you will need a straight or curved stairlift.


How is a stairlift powered?

The stairlift is powered by a battery, based in the bottom of the chair. The battery powers a motor in the chair, the motor turns a gear that is connected to a track. When the gear turns, the chair moves along track allowing it to move up or down the staircase.


Can I rent a stairlift?

Yes, Direct Stairlifts offer a rental or hire service with no minimum contract. The rental scheme is a fantastic way for our customers to have a stairlift in their own home, without the worry of the cost of buying, maintaining and servicing the stairlift.


Can you use a stairlift on a set of stairs that goes around corners?

Yes, curved stairlifts have tracks that are specifically designed to suit staircases that bend or turn corners. The stairlift will be manufactured to fit the exact turns on the stairs in your home. We can even fit stairlifts on spiral stairs.


Do stairlifts use a lot of power?

No, the average stairlift uses the same amount of power as a TV left on standby.


Is the stairlift fitted to the wall or the stairs?

The stairlift is fitted to the stairs, meaning there is no worry about damage to the decoration in your home.


How long does installation take?

The stairlifts are fitted quickly and efficiently by our friendly fittings team. A curved staircase will be fitted within a day, a straight stairlift can be professionally fitted within a few hours causing minimal disruption to you.


Are there any extras that can be added to your stairlift?

Yes, there are many different options that can be added to your stairlift. For example there are different choices for upholstery and trim.
Power swivel seats- Helps the user mount and dismount, compared to a manual swivel seat.
Folding Footrests, Arms and Seat- reduces the space used by your stairlift.
Rail Extensions- Helps to enable the user to dismount away from the top of the stairs if space allows.
These are just a few of the many options available for you to choose.

Any more questions we can help with?

If you have any more questions about anything stairlift related please contact us.